Deep Autumn

written 11/2003

The writing of this song took more than its brevity would indicate. Deep Autumn is the most palpable remnant of 2003 evenings I spent at then girlfriend’s, at the district of Górczyn.  She had a nylon-string guitar she or I would pick – the opening theme came like that and it sounded lovely on it. Even more so with the lyrics, based on the excerpts of her diary I was exceptionally allowed to read. The whole image of the golden tent I took from the very there, and it was pretty evocative of my way to her tenement house from the tram (no.5) stop, under those magnificent chestnut trees.

The ‘You’ in the second vocal part refers to the Lord. I had basically long stopped writing overtly Christian lyrics by then, but if the Heavens echoed between the lines now and again, it somehow sounded more valid now. And more truthful anyway, certainly this time the vanity  I had really experienced, not only read about. So my call was inevitable.

The opening theme flows again under the words and comes back at the end in its own right. The very melody, though, is pretty linear. I had tried to write a linear song before (I no), but this one came out less forced and less self-conscious. All the notes seem subject to the overall Autumn aura, and in this I find this song very accomplished. I’m proud it has been tagged ‘soulsong’ at