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written 07-08/2013

Wambierzyce is a small town in Kłodzko Land, whose only role is basically to surround a huge basilica among the hills. What is curious, the edifice does not at all disturb the pastoral landscape, and the sanctuary serves a solid spiritual backing to elusive matters around Duszniki, my ever Shire. I wrote the lyric when I was about to entrust an important decision to the Lord, slightly and sweetly inhibited by disquieting remnants of older times. To relieve the tension probably,  I stumbled across a quote from Help! the film: my goodness gosh/withdraw, withdraw!, the call obviously not to be heeded.

Unexpectedly creative during the August sessions, Paweł wrote an extremely lovely Thomas Hardy-like melody for the verse, which brought a more universal perspective to the proceedings, I mean now it could be any hills and any remnants. Paf also led us two through the mellotron-laden climax, where we surprised ourselves by finding the backwards “łużdi łużdi” punch-line, which in turn segues to an old and odd guitar lick from secondary school. A meditation with a smile it all turned out, depicting more serene aspects of hard choices and involuntary stagnation. In this fairy-land it somehow can’t get any heavier anyway.

Steer out there, pilgrim, and in there too!